The flowers grown at Black Sheep Shelter reflect our palate and the designs we enjoy creating. We fancy tone-on-tone arrangements, and asymmetrical explosions, high on one side, low on the other, with a degree of negative space in the middle. We are not growing all the hues of the rainbow or color wheel. In lieu of the really bright colors our spectrum includes more pastels, ivory whites, yellow to champagnes, apricots and peaches, softer pinks, coppers, wines to burgundies. These beauties share their stage with ample greenery to deliver varied texture, more pronounced contrast, and that sense of free flowing movement that is so characteristic of the wild.


arthy & Elegant:

Perhaps nature does not need our flattery, but we offer it up nonetheless. We are captivated by the countless ways nature 

arranges and rearranges its floral tapestry. At our best, we re-present nature in our floral designs as an invitation to behold beauty that can span from the delicate and sublime, to the dramatic.

If you are aware of how unsustainable, chemically-


driven, and industrial the food system is, you can imagine how the $40 billion floriculture industry operates. But flowers can be grown organically, and bouquets can be entirely local when they respect the seasons.

conomical & Environmental:

The Earthy & Elegant Arrangement

We believe flowers grown in deference to the needs of the ecosystem and future generations have a beauty that is literally longer lasting. Please be thoughtful in your floral selections. Don't be afraid to check out your local farmers market or visit Our flowers will be available from July 30 to September 19 for the 2021 season.

The most environmentally friendly option may also be the most economical route. Our you-pick choice will likely save you the most money! We encourage folks to consider this not just for its costs savings benefits, but as an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature while creating arrangements that are uniquely yours.

1. You-pick & arrange package

Includes: You-pick flowers for a large bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets (up to 6), groom and grooms men boutonnieres (up to 6), simple table arrangements (up to 18), and use of the on-site potted flowers/plants for decoration. Access to the vases, compotes, urns, shears, buckets, floral tape, wire, ribbons, hot glue gun, and more that are on site to help in the creation of your bouquets and arrangements.

Cost: $400


2. Simple you-pick price per stem option:

Dahlias: $3/stem

Sunflower: $1/stem

Strawflower & Carnations: $0.75/stem

Pincushions, Zinnias, Cosmos, Dara, Artesmia, Dill, Amaranths (Hot Biscuits, Red Spike, Hopi Red Dye):



The Summery Sunflower Arrangement