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COVID-19 Update

We are here to help you share your wedding with loved ones in a way that is safe and celebratory. Good news is that Black Sheep Shelter is an outdoor venue where there will always be an abundance of clean air circulating about! We encourage couples and their guests to use the farm’s ample space. Take advantage of lawn games and even set up drinks and appetizers out in grassy areas to encourage a degree of social distancing that allows for good conversation and activity without crowding.


Here are 5 other tips for couples in the planning process:


1)   Remind guests that if they are symptomatic to stay home or be tested before they’d come.

2)   Offer guests that are symptomatic or for health reasons feel it necessary to stay home some kind of live streaming option to view and participate. Work with your photographer or a techy friend on this. Contact us if you need help finding someone.

3)   Eliminate greeting lines and think of creative alternatives that do not involve the usual hugging and hand shaking. You can still have a father-daughter dance and hug parents or close friends, but consider options that will encourage a degree of social distancing.

4)   Provide extra bottles of hand sanitizers at tables alongside centerpieces. Know that we will be hyper vigilant to keep all surfaces disinfected and safe.

5)   For dinner receptions, consider placing fewer guests per table and spacing tables further apart. Naturally, guests with partners are already in close contact and will be seated adjacent to one another.


And let’s help one another! If you have ideas or have heard of other suggestions please pass them along! We are in this new normal together.