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The Shelter

Naming your values


aturally, couples carry their own ideas and dreams about what makes for a beautiful wedding, and these ideas are generally 

some combination of mainstream trends filtered by personal preferences and augmented by the couple’s imaginations.

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We at Black Sheep Shelter have sought to make this place a reflection of our own ideas and values as well. The Shelter’s philosophy circles around these ideas:

  1. A desire to help couples keep a steady focus on the heart of what is taking place- a sacred, public, and personal covenant that unites couples in holy matrimony.

  2. Weddings signify a time of Benediction, or God’s blessing. God’s blessing is a sign and a gift of God’s love and goodness, and births in us a response of gratitude.

  3. The material elements of the wedding celebration- the food, the clothing, the shelter- are important and interconnected with the spiritual, social, personal, and emotional elements. However, materialism, an identity rooted in externals while malnourished in soul, sours and corrupts a wedding celebration.

  4. A wedding celebration does not happen in a vacuum. Our human activity has environmental and social impact. How we structure and plan our celebrations shapes how the world is used and reflects the kind of world we want to live in. Black Sheep Shelter encourages stewardship of all these relationships during the process of planning and preparing. When it comes to the actual wedding day, our venue is designed for simplicity and earth-care through the selection of utensils and decorations that are reused and not disposable, and through the composting of food waste and flowers.  All landscaping, gardens, lawn, field and farm are maintained organically.

If you haven’t already, please take the time to consider your values and let that aid in your selection of a venue that will reflect who you are.

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