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If you are interested in booking the Shelter for an event, get in touch with us! 

Job openings! Now hiring for the 2022 season. Email for full job description and application. 

First Position:

Saturdays, 9:30am to 11:30pm, starting May 21 and going through August 20, 2022. Pay: $20/hr

Second Position:

Sundays, 9:30am-10:30pm, starting May 22 and going through August 21, 2022. Pay: $20/hr

The job requires a friendly and thoughtful, confident and calm, person to help make events flow smoothly at the venue. Work days involve a mix of following a schedule with a list of responsibilities (i.e. cleaning dressing rooms, coordinating with master and mistress of ceremonies upon arrival, etc. Note- the list is long and the tasks vary significantly) along with the flexibility to respond to renter’s needs as they arise.

Important to note, the position is not that of a wedding coordinator, you will not be meeting with couples prior to the event. However, logistical details surrounding the venue/property during the day of the event fall under this position’s management. Most couples are relatively self-sufficient and go through the day in need of little external support, so many of the tasks are property related and performed alone. That being said, Black Sheep Shelter wants its renters to experience as enjoyable a day as possible and so it is critical that all interactions between our staff and the couples and their guests are as positive as possible.


Therefore, we are interviewing potential staff with an eye for certain personality traits and experience. We ask interested persons to engage in self-reflection prior to interviewing. Here is the desired list of traits/experience:

  • Genuinely likes people. Enjoys smiling and meeting new people. Can easily strike up conversation with a diverse set of people.

  • Able to work alone, be self-directed.

  • Possesses physical energy to keep working over the course of a long day.

  • A strong sense of ownership in the work performed.

  • Is time-aware / can ensure tasks are performed when they need to be.

  • Last, and perhaps the most difficult…Is confident enough to tell other adults what they can and cannot do, while remaining humble enough to do so with grace and kindness.