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The Shelter


2020 Pricing, June-September

Friday Rental = $2,200

Saturday Rental = $2,500

Sunday Rental = $1,600

2020 season extension, May & October

Friday Rental = $2,000

Saturday Rental = $2,300

Sunday Rental = $1,400

2021 Pricing, June-September

Friday Rental = $2,200

Saturday Rental = $2,900

Sunday Rental = $1,800

2021 season extension, May & October

Friday Rental = $2,000

Saturday Rental = $2,700

Sunday Rental = $1,600

$800 Non-refundable Booking Fee and signed contract locks your date in.

Season extension rates reflect the unconditioned nature of the venue and the less predictable weather of these months.

(Monday-Thursday rentals may be a possibility but a special request must be submitted and Jeff or Melissa will need to confirm availability.)

Purchasing Compostable Tableware.

Want to use disposable tableware?

As a part of our zero waste policy we strongly encourage renters to chose traditional glasses, plateware, and silverware for their dinners, as washing and reusing traditional dishware has the smallest environmental impact. If renting traditional tableware is cost prohibitive for you, then we recommend purchasing tableware from us that we will compost along with your food scraps on site when you are finished with your event.

After much research we decided using palm leaf plates, bowls, and flatware was the best choice environmentally. Areca palm tree fronds are so naturally rigid that the plateware is made with no adhesives or additives, it is simply steam heated and pressed into shape. The trees regularly drop leaves so no trees are cut down in the process. The plates do not require a commercial composting facility and leave no chemical residues on our farm. And perhaps equally important to renters, palm leaf plates are the most chic and beautiful disposable plateware on the market! They are sturdier and less likely to leak than other disposable wares.

We buy in bulk, bundle them into a convenient package, and store on site to save any headaches in coordination. We've found this system is a win-win for renters, for us and for the environment, as you can order the exact number of units you need to reflect your guest count and avoid surplus costs and materials.


A tableware unit includes:

  • 10"x 10" square palm leaf plate

  • 6" x 6" square palm leaf bowl

  • Palm leaf fork

  • Palm leaf knife

  • Palm leaf spoon

  • A compostable, white, 12 oz hot/cold cup

  • A bamboo napkin


$1.75 per unit

(example, 150 guests/units x 1.75 = $262.50)


Please call, text, or email to check on availability.

Contact us:, (616) 335-0797

Address: 342 62nd St. South Haven, MI 49090

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