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The Stable Noir

Bed & Breakfast

Before we purchased the house a friend walking into this special space said, “This room must contain a passageway into Narnia.”  The surprise room was unfinished, but with over 400 square feet, a vaulted wood ceiling, and exposed brick we were given a great start.

Every design element has been carefully considered in order to create a room that is a feast for the senses.  There are different paths to engage the senses and ours leans minimalist, utilizing an organic rustic feel contrasted with modern Scandinavian design elements. Plentiful morning light gives the room warmth because of its larger windows on the East, but the room dips into darkness in the evening


ucked away on the second floor of the 1872 Veneklasen farmhouse is the Stable Noir, a one-room Bed and Breakfast suite woven into 

roessing house sketch smaller.png

Black Sheep Shelter’s mission.

hours with smaller western windows. Dimmable sconces reach their full potential as they play off of varying wood tones and an accent wall of chalk paint and eventually die back into the two black walls. The objects in the room are also tactile and sensory driven. A Rembrandt illustrated Bible, a judiciously chosen selection of vinyl records, antique furniture, a massage table, a claw foot tub. Omitted is the primary sensory killer, a TV. We understand televisions are near universal in bed and breakfasts, but we want to honor those folks who are seeking something different.


In the room you will find fair trade coffee and a selection of organic teas made in Michigan. Treating yourself to tea might be nice. The breakfasts provide a taste of the farm and a connection to the season. A few examples: The Walnutted Waffles harbor the essence of nature’s sweetness, combining walnut syrup from trees tapped on site, with an airy honey butter that suspends finely chopped walnuts for a little structure.  The process of boiling down the sap over an open fire lends a smoky tonality that compliments the nectar-like base.

The Vegetarian Farmer’s Breakfast can be tailored to suit a sweet or spicy mood.  It begins with Black Sheep Shelter eggs and sheep cheese, incorporates a medley of scallions, peppers and a special micro green mix, and comes alongside butter-fried fingerling potatoes with roasted Sun Gold cherry tomatoes and some homemade bread and jam. Hearty Oatmeal Pancakes topped with Melissa’s special strawberry jam and homemade whipping cream is a Sunday tradition that we never grow tired of. All breakfasts’ are made with Non-GMO, organic ingredients, many of which are sourced on site or come from nearby farms.


The Stable Noir is being built and is currently not open. Check back for an opening date! A single night rental will be $275. Check in is 3pm and check out is the following day at 11am.

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